Emphasize on tourism sectors to strengthen economy


The Corona epidemic has taken a great effect on every sector. Among the sectors the tourism sector has suffered the most. Countries that rely heavily on the tourism sector have a fragile current economic situation.  For an example, Sri Lanka. There are other reasons behind the fragile economic situation in Sri Lanka.  However, as the tourism sector was completely closed, no income from that sector.  This has happened everywhere.  An estimate of the exact amount of financial loss due to the closure of the tourism sector has been estimated.  According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Development Index-2021 report, global financial losses in the tourism sector alone will be estimated at 4 trillion dollar in 2020 alone due to the global lockdown, travel ban and economic crisis.  During this time, more than 62 million people lost their jobs worldwide in the tourism sector.  Tourism is one of the sectors that is being emphasized to accelerate the economic sector. World tourism has been progressing quite well since the last decade.  The tourism industry is on the list of the most affected by the corona virus outbreak.  Public gatherings are prohibited to prevent the spread of the corona virus.  As a result, the tourist centers had no tourist. Tourism-based life also goes through difficult times. The list of people who like to tour is rising rapidly.  In other words, tourists are going to the tourist spots as before. But that speed is slow. This year, in January 2022, 18 million people traveled the world, more than last year. One thing is clear from this information that people have gone out to roam again after epidemic shock.  Global tourism is expected to return to its previous state by 2024.  Previous reports have been based on 14 indicators such as how safe a country is in attracting tourists, infrastructural facilities, improved airports, quality of housing business, port facilities, heritage and cultural status. The latest report was published in 2019. As of 2018, the number of tourism in the world reached 1,400 crore.

In the midst of a busy life, as soon as he gets free time, he leaves with his family to go for a walk. This habit is growing among the people. As a result of this change in one’s mind, the distance created due to work pressure with family members comes to an end.  There are also countries in the world with economy dependent on tourism sector. For example- Bhutan, Thailand, Fiji, Mauritius.  Many countries in Asia also depend on the tourism industry for revenue. There are many more such countries in the world.  Many countries now want to increase the number of tourists in their country. Various initiatives are being taken to make it attractive for domestic as well as foreign tourists.  The reason for this is to take the tourism industry of the country forward and to develop this industry.  In the 50 years of independence, the number of tourists has increased almost a hundred times. Bangladesh is a land of paradise. Now new tourist centers are emerging.  Apart from foreign tourists, a large number of home tourists are coming to these places. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, there were 3 to 5 lakh domestic tourists in 2000.  In 2012-13, this number increased six times and reached 25 to 30 lakhs.  In addition, more than two and a half lakh foreign tourists come every year.  Since 2019, the tourism sector has been severely affected along with other sectors due to the Corona epidemic. This sector is causing catastrophes all over the world. Trade and commerce developed around the tourist center.  As a result, the people go without job. Tourism is an important part of the economy.  This part could not be kept active due to corona.  A source reports that due to Corona, 73% of the world’s tourism sector has been affected.  In the Asia-Pacific region, the damage is 96 percent.  At present, the contribution of tourism sector to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is 4.7 percent.  Many tour operators have closed down to cope with the situation.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the industry’s direct and indirect contribution to the world economy is  8.9 trillion.  In 2019, the tourism industry contributes 11.4 percent to the world’s GDP.  However, in 2017, the contribution of the world tourism sector was 10.4 percent.  And in 2027 this will reach 11.7 percent.  In 2019, the contribution of the tourism sector to the national income was 9.50 billion taka which is 4.30 percent of the GDP.  So the development of this industry must be benefit. There are world famous tourist destinations in different parts of our country.  Every year tourists from home and abroad flock to these places.  Cox’s Bazar is one of these tourist destinations.  In addition to the world famous beaches, there are more travel destinations here.  There is Sagar kanya Kuakata.  We have numerous hill stations in Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari.  Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of Sajek Valley, Nilachal, Nilgiri, Bichanakandi, tea gardens and Ratargul.  Apart from these, there are tourist centers in every district.

According to one statistic, the number of tourists in the world was 25 million in 1950 which increased to about 1235 million in 2016.  And now this number has increased to about 1335 million.  With the development of tourism industry, it is possible to solve a large part of the employment in our country.  Millions of people are involved in this industry right now.  According to a report released last year, a total of 40 lakh people have been employed in the country’s tourism sector so far.  This tourism industry will be an important regulator in improving the living standards of the people and the development of the economy of the country.  So after the Corona epidemic, it needs to be managed so that it can develop rapidly.  The people involved in the tourism industry in the country have to make a living.  We have to stand by them in these difficult times so that they can survive.  Many are forced to choose a different profession in the pursuit of life.  Those who still survive somehow have to be retained.  In the future, this sector of the country will reach a strong position in a planned way.

Alok Acharja

Teacher, freelance writer, Pabna

Mobile: 01737 044946

Date: 06.06.2022




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