Allegations of human trafficking against three people including country’s best headmaster


Staff Correspondent: A case has been filed against three people, including the country’s best headmaster, under the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act in Baliakandi, Rajbari. The case was filed by Nabiran Begum, a resident of Baradi village in Islampur union of Baliakandi upazila of Rajbari. The judge ordered an inquiry into the matter and a report. The plaintiff’s lawyer confirmed the case. Asaduzzaman. The accused are Nuruzzaman Khan alias Khashru, Shahidul Islam and Abul Hossain Khan.Shahidul Islam is working as the headmaster of self-reliant Islampur Government Primary School. On the occasion of National Primary Education Week 2019, he was selected as the best headmaster of the country. At school, he set an example by setting up a non-seller ‘honesty store’. Shahidul Islam was accused of beating a headmaster in 2010. He was suspended for a long time in that incident. Khasru is working as an assistant professor in a government medical college in Dhaka. Abul Hossain Khan is the former chairman of Islampur Union Parishad. This time he did not participate in the election. All of them have denied the allegations.The plaintiff in the case Nabiran Begum said, I have three daughters. The limit was the biggest. It was also the most beautiful to look at. Poor people. Shahidul Master wants to give him a job in Dhaka. We agree with him. But they came to our house and took my daughter to Dhaka. Sometimes if you want to find out, he would say, my daughter is fine. But if he wants to see the girl, he starts misbehaving. After that I went around a lot. The chairman also beat him. Expels. I didn’t get my daughter anymore. Went to the police station. Many times I went to Shahidul’s school, he was chased away, he didn’t pay any attention. No one listens to us because we are poor. Finally, I have filed a case in the court.Shahidul Islam said, I am somewhat involved in this incident. Khasru is my friend. One of his sons is mentally unbalanced. He was told to find a girl to take care of him. Borders are poor. I know. I was making contact between the two sides. I took Khashru to Seema’s house. But they decided on their own money or salary allowance. Later I found out that the girl was missing. I gave a lot of money to Seema’s mother to find Seema. But he was nowhere to be found.Nuruzzaman Khan alias Khashru said the incident took place within two weeks of the girl’s arrival in Dhaka. None of us were home then. Seema did not return home after throwing dirt under the house. My wife came home in the evening to find out. I came home and did a lot of searching. I made a GD at the police station at night. I also had advertisements in newspapers. They have no enmity with me. My brother was a public representative. The case of 2011 has been filed recently. This case has been filed to prove our disgrace due to Totally Falls, Village Politics.Plaintiff’s lawyer said. Asaduzzaman said the court judge had ordered an inquiry into the matter and a report. The next hearing will be held on July 19.Ahmed Ali Master, chairman of Islampur Union Parishad, said it was a long time ago. I or the locals all know more or less. The girl’s family is very poor. I heard the girl’s mother being beaten. Occasionally comes to me. She hugged his arms and legs to rescue the girl and cried a lot.


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