Bashundhara Award 64 age Arju is running amok

Moynul Bhuiyan:  Brahmanbaria title is ‘Mahanande’. News against counterfeiting in exams. The students of Chaten College. Slogan against Ittefaq correspondent. Preparing to attack the house. The local youths stopped him on guard. The administration comes forward. Md. Arju Mia was young then. He is still in the daily Ittefaq. Age 84 years. He is still seen running around the field with laptop and camera on his shoulder. He is also in charge of BTV, UNB. Ignoring Rangani, the whole district ran away. Arju Mia, a journalist from Brahmanbaria, received the Bashundhara Media Award. He has been very popular since he was nominated in the category of veteran journalist of the district. Said, ‘The best attainment at the last age. Such respect of Bashundhara Group has inspired me. I hope the top group of the country working for the welfare of the country and the people will continue to organize such events. ‘ The convener of the organizing committee and managing director of Bashundhara Group Sayem Sobhan Anvir presided over the function. Hassan Mahmud. Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan inaugurated the event. Md. Arju Mia’s Journalism Md. Was born on September 3, 1958 in Kandipara of Brahmanbaria municipal area. Arju Mia. He is the son of late Habiz Uddin and late Rahima Khatun. Their village home is Konikara in Nabinagar upazila. At present he lives with his family on the north bank of Bhawal Dighi in Madhyapara of Brahmanbaria municipal area. He graduated from Brahmanbaria Government College in 1965. Speaking to Arju Mia, it is learned that he had dreamed of becoming a journalist since childhood. Didn’t even get a government job. Journalism started in the weekly Titas published from Brahmanbaria. Later, he was the editor of the daily Brahmanbaria, the first daily published from Brahmanbaria. After the declaration of Brahmanbaria district, the district representative has been working in Daily Ittefaq and Baladesh Television (BTV) since 1985. Besides, he has been working in UNB for about 20 years. For more than a decade now, the daily Brahmanbaria, published from Brahmanbaria, has been acting as its editor. He has been involved in Brahmanbaria Press Club since its inception. He has twice served as president and twice as general secretary. Journalist Arju Mia is also not behind in social and cultural activities. He is also involved with the District Anti-Corruption Committee, Aware Sea Committee (SNAC). He was involved in the establishment of Khelaghor Asar in Brahmanbaria and later was involved in Kachikancha Asar for a long time. He is a life member of Brahmanbaria Red Crescent Society. He said, “Journalism has to go through many ups and downs. In the beginning there was no opportunity like now. Then news had to be sent by telephone and telegraph. I used to send big cassettes in big envelopes to BTV. Emergency news was sent by train or bus. Now, news, pictures and footage can be sent directly from the scene. ‘He thinks journalism in Muffsball is very risky.


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