Press conference against land grabbers Mintu and Safi in Rangpur

Sharifa Begum Shiuli: The victims have held a press conference against Abdul Rahman Mintu and his son Mehedi Hasan Safi. The program was organized on Monday (May 30, 22) at 1 pm at the local Sumi Community Center. He said in the press conference, we are two brothers Sahel and Jewel, Bari Alam Biditar Gangachara Rangpur. Abdur Rahman Mintu (55), father of the deceased Jamsar Ali, and his son Mehedi Hasan Shafi, from the village of Soyarabari, Alambiditar, Gangabhara, Rangpur. Water destroys crops. On the morning of 19/03/2022, my elder brother Sahel Mia went to see the tobacco field planted in our land. There we see that 20 percent of our tobacco fields have been destroyed by water. If you inform them as a result. They immediately became enraged and attacked us armed with local weapons including sticks, spears and snipers. In this situation, with the intervention of the locals, we came out of danger. Later on that day at around 7 pm when we went to Sayrabari Bazaar, Sohail and his younger brother Jewel were beaten up by Abdur Rahman Mintu, his son Mehedi Hasan and their unknown relatives. At one stage of the fight, Mehdi Hasan stabbed Saheel in the head with a sharp knife. I was seriously injured under the ear. With the help of the people present in this situation, Sahel was admitted to Rangpur Medical College Hospital for treatment and he sewed the cut. Jewel was treated at the local market. Later we went to Gangachara police station and lodged a complaint against them, which was not accepted by the police station. As a result, we were helpless and filed a case against them through the court. The court later directed the police station to file a case again. Case No. CR 11/7 He further said that my two brothers Lipton, Likhan and our neighboring uncle Ashraful Alam Ripon had no involvement in the incident and Abdur Rahman Mintu Gang accused them in the case. Arifzaman Arif appeared at Gangachara Circle on the spot and advised SI Farooq Ahmed to remove his name from the case as Ashraful Alam Ripon was not involved in the incident.
There are about 72 to 85 such cases against Abdur Rahman Mintu and his son Mehdi Hasan Safi in Gangachara police station and in court they are plaintiffs and sometimes accused. You can also collect information from him. However, as far as I know, the case is under investigation.


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