East Indrakul Firoza Kamal Balika Dakhil Madrasa is running without students

Mohammad Firoz Alom Bauphal,Upazila Correspondent: East Indrakul Firoza Kamal Balika Dakhil Madrasa of MPO of Suryamani Union of Bauphal Upazila of Patuakhali has not had any student for 19 years. Although there are no students in the MPO registered madrasa, the teachers are regularly withdrawing their salaries and allowances from the government bank. Although the madrasa authorities claimed that there were 250 students in the book, in reality no existence of any student was found. According to madrasa sources, East Indrakul Firoza Kamal Balika Dakhil Madrasa was established in 1994 by a local named Abdul Motaleb Mia. The company then joined the MPO in 2004. Founder Motaleb Miai has been the president of the madrasa since its inception. The superintendent of the madrasa is Mahfuza Akter, the wife of the president’s son and the teacher of the daughter Nurjahan Radhi Ibtedai. The other two sons Khairul Islam and Siddiqur Rahman are working as office assistants and night watchmen. There are 13 people in charge of the madrasa till Ibtedai ​​and Dakhil Dasham. Among them, four teachers in Ibtedayi, five teachers in Dakhil, office assistant, nanny, night watchman and one in total 13 teachers and employees are collecting 2 lakh 7 thousand salary per month. On Wednesday, May 25, it was seen that the madrasa was closed. Later, the superintendent and president of the madrasa rushed to the spot after getting the news of the arrival of the journalist. Asked by reporters why the madrasa was closed at 3 pm, they said, “Students have been given early leave today.” Due to this the madrasa is closed. After entering the Madrasa Super’s room with their permission, it is seen that the furniture of the Madrasa consists of four chairs with a table. There are no cupboards or notebooks. The national flag is wrapped with bamboo. After visiting each classroom one by one, it was seen that no sample of any student sitting in the classroom was found. There was not even a blackboard in any of the rooms. If you want to see educational materials like duster, chalk or blackboard, you can’t show anything super. The next day, on Thursday, May 26, at around 11 o’clock in the afternoon, it was seen that only five teachers were present in the institution. Among them are two from Dakhil and three from Ibtedai. A teacher named Irene Begum signed her last appearance on November 7, 2021. After that, there is no signature in the attendance register of that teacher for last 6 months. But he has raised the salary and allowance at the right time. Other teachers are taking vacations like that. Madrasa superintendent Mahfuza Akhter admitted the truth, saying, “There were many students before. After 2009, due to disagreement among the teachers on various issues, the students of the surrounding area are not admitted in this madrasa. Some distant students were admitted. I am keeping the madrasa alive by making them participate in the entrance examination from here. ‘ Bauphal Upazila Secondary Education Officer Nazmul Hossain said, ‘No institution can be MPO registered without the presence of students. We will investigate and send a recommendation to the concerned authorities.



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