Driver Humayun Kabir’s singing talent


Entertainment Desk: Many videos are often viral on social media. Sometimes dances, songs, or animal videos can be seen to be viral. The latent talent of many people has also gone viral on social media. Many have also received the respect worthy of talent. Many people have gone viral overnight thanks to social media. Another talent has been revealed on social media. He is a car driver by profession. Although he is a car driver by profession, he has written about 50 songs. His name is Humayun Kabir. He is also a vocalist, lyricist and composer. There is no day, there is no night, he really has to run. His job is to get people to the right destination. For this he has to work day and night. Only then the stomach rice in the alliance. But all these efforts could not suppress the essence of his song. Recently, her song about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was released on social media channel HK Music on YouTube. He spent his childhood in Patuakhali of Barisal division. Although he is a driver by profession, his talent is amazing. He wrote songs about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He wrote songs about Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He also wrote songs about the development progress of the government. He composed the song and gave his voice in it. The song sung by him is being spread on YouTube for the benefit of social media. Many people have praised him. He is an artist who is admired by the people today. The lyricist Humayun Kabir wants the help of the Prime Minister. He said, “We had to give our lives for the liberation of the people of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu, his daughter, the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working for our betterment. Let people know, let’s sing about Bangabandhu “. I sing to keep Bangabandhu awake in people’s hearts forever through songs. Humayun Kabir’s village home is in Ponapura village of Baufal upazila of Patuakhali district.


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