A database will be created for journalists working across country

Khan Md. A. Majid : Chairman of the Press Council Justice Md. Nizamul Haque Nasim said that a database of journalists working across the country will be created. .Through this, a real picture of the journalists of the country will come up. Provision will be made to go to the Press Council to file a case against the journalists for publishing news. He said this while addressing a workshop on ‘Policy and Ethics of Journalism, Press Council Act and Code of Conduct and Right to Information Act’ at Faridpur Circuit House auditorium. Veteran journalist Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, a member of the council at the workshop, said healthy, ethical journalism is not possible with an uneducated person. If the Alu-Patal traders own the newspaper, then there will be no value of journalism. .The only defense is to grasp the truth. Journalism must be continued by adhering to ethics. Those involved in crime will always want journalists to be able to work independently. The workshop was presided over by Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarkar and was attended by Press Council Secretary Md. Shah Alam and senior officials of the administration.


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