Student demonstration procession and human chain program in Patuakhali

Shahin Khan, Patuakhali: Protests and humanitarian programs have been observed in protest of serious injuries to Md Naimul Islam, a third -year talented student of the mathematics department of Patuakhali Government College. Hundreds of students started marching from Patuakhali Government College Campus on Sunday, May 27 at 8am, and came to Patuakhali Press Club and observed the humanitarian program. Md. Naimul Islam, a talented student at an hour -long human chain and demonstration rally, spoke on the brutal and injury of the terrorist Hasan, who was involved in the bloodshed and injured, and said the fourth -year student of the chemistry department of the college, Md. Md. Rubel Mollah, a fourth -year student of the Department of Physics, Syed Md Arif, the fourth year of the economy, Nipa, a 3rd year student of Prani Vidya Division. It is to be noted that at around 12 noon on Saturday, May 27, Victim Naimul Islam went to the college computer shop in front of the college to write the cover page of his practical account. At a stage of the talk, the paper cut off the paper with a knife in the shop. Naimul Islam was bloody injured in it. Police arrived at the spot and arrested the attacker Hasan. It is learned that the owner of the college computer shop, Rakibul Islam, is working as a computer operator in the Master Roll in Government College. On receiving the news, I took the injured Naimul to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the students attacked my shop and vandalized huge damage.

The injured student Naimul’s mother Asma Begum has filed a case at Sadar Police Station. Hasan was arrested after the incident, the OC said.Principal of the college Prof Md. Nurul Amin said, “The incident happened outside the college campus. Action has been taken for better treatment of college student Naimul. We are keeping an eye on the incident for the incident in front of the incident. ‘


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