Dignity of academic and self-education

Advocate Md.Rayhan Ali: “Give me an educated mother,I will give you an educated nation,”said Napoleon Bonaparte.In fact,the biggest thing for the betterment of a nation is to educate that nation.The more educated a nation is, the more developed it is.Due to the high literacy rate in the developed world, they are undergoing rapid social and state development.Different philosophers and educators have defined education in different ways.  Education is described by the ancient philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.Education is the name of a person’s desired change.This desired change refers to the family,society and state that the individual expects.By acquiring knowledge one can achieve principles,ethics,values ​​and ideological improvement.Which places the individual in the high seat of family,society and state.Aristotle said,”Creating a healthy mind in a healthy body is education. Education in fact means acquiring the qualities of self-confidence, modesty, intelligence and responsibility in developing one’s latent talents.” On the other hand, the number of well-known and academically educated people in the society is not less than one and a half. There are some educated people in the society with certificates,whose culture is disrespected by the real educated people.They may have academic credentials, but to live in a society that requires self-education is not a bad thing at all! The light of real education may not have reached them. They are the worms of today’s society! The real educated are the beacons of society.But many have been stigmatized in the name of educated by hanging the badge of educated around their necks! For them, old parents are a burden to the family, a source of income,a source of income for the family.I have seen many parents retire from government service and become a burden to their children.  Because he doesn’t have a monthly salary now.Maybe many people want to sell all their retirement money and even their retirement allowance at once and hand it over to their children and now they want to rest in peace and happiness.It is difficult to say how many people have such happiness.These unfortunate parents have made their children human by lighting the light of the world all their lives.Now maybe the last refuge of many is the old age home. The dream of the old helpless parents was to raise the child as a human being even with the last drop of blood. People have made their children as much as they can,even with the best.Do you know the purpose of so many hardships and plans? If you educate and nurture your child, you will become an established person in the society and you will spend the rest of your life in comfort and ease in the twilight of life.Many educated children may be employed or established in business but the question is how much dignity has been given to the desired time in the declining afternoon of the life of old parents.Not all parents are neglected, but research shows that most parents are neglected by an educated child, while the parents of the most cherished educated child are found in the nursing home.The houses of the ashram today are with the parents of a well-educated person.The cherished dream of these parents was to make the child a human being, to increase his value, respect and fame in the society.  Children have become human but animals have become human.Due to which the parents have to spend the rest of their lives in the cottage of the old age home.This may have happened due to lack of proper education of the child.  The child had to try to be self-educated as well as academic from the beginning.  Self-education is a major component of human education.The simple meaning of the word self-education is self-education.Generally, a person who acquires education or skills on his/her own initiative without any formal education or without being admitted or associated with any institution for acquiring specific education or skills is called self-educated.In addition to academic education, we will consider a person who has a thorough knowledge of the social,ethical,social and religious values ​​of the society to be self-educated.And this self-education comes from a person’s family upbringing, that is, from the family school.Those who have received a good education from the family school have established themselves as a good person in the society to others.There is no substitute for good education and self-education to keep the society free from viruses.The rate of child crime is increasing day by day! This is why these families are blamed before the society,because,one of the responsibilities of a parent is to guide the child in the right way.The children of those who are left behind from this responsibility for various reasons are identified as the criminals of the society today.If you want to eat the fruit, you have to plant the seedlings first, then if you grow them with proper care, then the fruits will match.In the same way, it is not right to seek proper service in the declining period of your life by educating and educating your children in academic education as well as in self-education.If you have brought up your child in the practice of Western subcultures,then what else does he want in your old age?Don’t blame fate all the time.Karma is the appropriate element of destiny.Those who can’t plan the whole schedule of their lives in time have been cut out at the end of the day and walk on the way to the pavilion and blame fate!  The child should be educated in academic education as well as in self-education.Just as one has to live in a society as a social being,it is not always possible to control society with academic education.People first learn all the functions related to the growth of social values,culture of the society, etiquette, humanity and other moral values ​​as a family.The family is the greatest learning of a human being.All parents should give their children all kinds of education to increase the religious values ​​in the family if they want to expect something good from their children during the declining period of life.Children should be kept free from the trap of the subculture of modernity without being pushed into the trap of Western culture.In fact, in the light of education,the light of education should be spread without limiting it to certificates or employment criteria,by the virtues of self-education.


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