land of Bangabandhu Sriti Sangsad in Patuakhali has been occupied by influential people for 25 years

 Kazi Mamun, Coastal Representative: – Yunus Hawlader, a farmer and day laborer in Patukhali 9th ward of Marichbunia Union of Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, donated about 5 percent of the land on local scale in 1997 at the initiative of a handful of local people.Due to the anti-liberation government in power, the then BNP leaders occupied the donated land and built buildings to form their political club. Later in the evolution of time, local leaders of the present opposition party have been conducting business activities by constructing buildings on the said land and some local leaders of the so-called Awami League have joined them.Going to the ground, it can be seen that business activities are being carried out by constructing a pucca building at 1731 Dag of Patukhali 71 mouza. When the owner of the constructed building called former chairman Bashir Uddin Sikder about this, he avoided the matter.Donor of the donated land Md. Yunus Hawlader said, “In 1997 we donated our own land in the name of Bangabandhu Sriti Sangsad together with some locals including Md. Nurul Haque Kazi, Md. Tufan Mridha, Md. Mojibar so that those of us who support Awami League The land was donated so that we could sit in a certain place and discuss our leisure time and arrange for the next generation of our union to get accurate information about Bangabandhu’s life.But it was for the goodwill of our local leaders and under the influence of the opposition leaders that the land was evicted. Before writing the report, Yunus Hawlader and Nurul Haque Kazi went to the then Minister for Religious Affairs, Mr. Alhaj Advocate Shahjahan Miah, but said that no decision had been reached.Overall, local residents of the area said that due to the power of a handful of local influential people and opposition leaders, the general public was reluctant to take strong action. There will be more details in the next issue.


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