Hospital waste disposal stopped due to arrears of municipal tax

Khan Md. A. Majid : Faridpur General Hospital and Faridpur Municipality Building are located on the side of Mujib Road, the heart of Faridpur city. The road adjacent to the hospital and its surroundings are littered with piles of garbage. .The stench of waste all around. The municipality has stopped the removal of hospital waste due to arrears of municipal taxes. As the dirt has not been cleaned for more than two months, the dustbin overflows and the waste is spreading on the adjacent roads and surroundings. It has been found out that Faridpur General Hospital has arrears of one crore 64 lakh 12 thousand 83 taka. For this reason, Faridpur Municipality has stopped the removal of waste from the hospital by letter. .Due to not cleaning for more than two months, a pile of garbage has accumulated on the north side of the hospital. Dustbin overflows and medical waste is spread on the streets. It is giving off a strong stench. In this regard, the mayor of Faridpur municipality Amitabh Bose said, the ministry has given the arrears of municipal tax to the district health department. But the civil surgeon is not paying the tax even after receiving the money. He added, “Cleaners have to pay salaries and allowances for waste management. Municipal employees also have to pay salaries and allowances. But it is not possible to pay their salaries due to arrears of tax. How do I pay them if they don’t get the money? ‘Faridpur Civil Surgeon said. Siddiqur Rahman said that before paying the tax, a certificate was sought from the municipality stating that the arrears of annual arrears and arrears from the accounting department had not been paid. .Asked for the report from the district accounting officer, he said it was not possible to give accounts older than five years. Because they have been destroyed. Now it is not possible to pay the tax arrears due to non-receipt of annual accounts and certification.


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