Former director of Ansar VDP ATM Mohiuddin Ahmed dies!

Moynul Bhuiyan: Hajji ATM Mohiuddin Ahmed, 7, former director of Ansar VDP, son of Akhaura Kharampur village in Brahmanbaria, has died. Inna-lillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun.
He died at his residence in Dhaka Khilgaon at 8.30 am on Friday. He had been suffering from various ailments for a long time. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, grandchildren and many other relatives. He was the founding president and headmaster of Kharampur Shah Pir Kella Shaheed High School. His death cast a shadow of mourning among the villagers of Kharampur. His funeral was held at Kharampur Mazar Sharif Cemetery on Friday after Janazah prayers at Kharampur Mazar Sharif premises


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