Barura in allegations  police station Propaganda and threats against journalist


Staff Reporter: Md. Mahiballah Babul, who allegedly gave the identity of the so-called fake journalist of Bangladesh Public TB based on a trivial incident at the time of 1:09 pm at Mostafa Baap’s tea shop in Abdul Khaleq Prakash located about 50 yards away from Barura on 22 May 2022 in Barura of Comilla district. I was taken hostage by 20-25 tenants and secretly videotaped on various subjects without my knowledge and suddenly beaten up by a person named Mithu Majumdar who was with him. In this regard, I lodged a complaint with the police station against the alleged fake journalists Md. Mahibullah Babul and Mithu Majumder after the initial treatment at the health complex of Barura Upazila. Subsequent Barura police investigation officer SI Nasir Uddin investigated the spot and got information about the incident. Later, the alleged fake journalists Md. Mahibullah Babul and Mithu Majumder spread the video captured on their mobile phones through social media. After I came to know about this, when I went to Barura police station to lodge a complaint against ICT law and order, Barura police officer in-charge Iqbal Bahar Majumder advised me to take recourse to wise court without accepting the complaint. Later, I came to know about the whereabouts of the alleged fake journalist Mahibullah Babul. He used to be a tea shopkeeper. Later, it was revealed that he had committed various misdeeds with the journalist’s card. In this regard, Md. Masudur Rahman, a businessman from Barura Bazar, father: Md. Shamsul Haque, Sang-Puran Kadba, Bara Bari. At present, the tenant of Humayuk Kabir of Barura College Road has lodged a complaint against him at Barura Police Station for stealing a motorcycle and demanding Rs. Md. Masudur Rahman held several press conferences against this alleged fake journalist which was published in several newspapers including Dainik Jay Jay Din. They are also accused of various misdeeds, including extortion and child marriage during the Karuna period. It is learned that a complaint has been lodged against him by the Bangladesh BNJF organization against the alleged fake journalist Mahibullah Babul at Narayanganj Sadar Police Station. Barura Upazila Administration and Thana are aware of this alleged fake journalist. But in the Barura municipal area, it is learned that he is carrying out misdeeds with a fake journalist’s card from a tea shopkeeper. According to the general public, journalists are the mirror of the society. Institutions that provide extortion opportunities to tea vendors like Mahibullah Babul with journalism cards in the area, especially by the Bangladesh Press Council, should be brought to justice. Some records of allegations and misdemeanors brought against him are preserved.


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