Additional IGP  police said. Hasan ul Haider urges APBN members in Cox’s Bazar to perform their duties with honesty and sincerity

Md. Aman Ullah, Cox’s Bazar: Additional IGP of Bangladesh Police said. Hasan-ul-Haider called upon the APBN members to carry out their duties with honesty, dedication and professionalism. He made the call while inspecting the APBN Teknaf Sadar and its Rohingya refugee camps on Friday (May 27). When Hasan ul Haider arrived, he was greeted with flowers by Md. Tariqul Islam PPM, Superintendent of Police, 16 APBN. Additional IGP said. Hasan-ul-Haider exchanged views with the officers after inspecting the barracks of various branches and forces of the Battalion Headquarters at Teknaf. He also gave a directional speech to the APBN members present at the time. He also visited Zadimura, Shalbagan, Leda and Nayapara APBN camps and Rohingya camps. At this time, he expressed satisfaction over the overall activities of APBN. Officers of different ranks of the battalion were present at that time.


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