Tourist Zero Kuakata Beach

Shahin Khan,Patuakhali:
The green land of sunrise and sunset on the famous Kuakata beach in Patuakhali is almost always visited by tourists. But Kuakata has been without tourists since the first day of Ramadan.
All the points of the beach can be seen on Wednesday (April 7). From the first day of Ramadan to the 4th day, the beach is without tourists. Traders have arranged umbrellas and benches on the beach as there are no tourists. Traders have also closed their stalls due to lack of tourists. However, some shops open in the morning but close before evening.
Not only shuntki, umbrella, bench or oyster traders but also hoteliers who are one of the affiliates of the tourist center are not getting tourists to book rooms. However, their hope is that even if they do not get tourists in the beginning of Ramadan, they can get some tourists towards the end.
Kuakata beach photographer Abdur said the beach has been without tourists since the beginning of Ramadan. The last two years have been closed due to corona. Although there were less tourists in the previous Ramadan, there are no tourists this year.
Nasir Uddin, a pickle shop owner of the beach, said that although the beginning of Ramadan was devoid of tourists, it seems that the arrival of tourists will take place after 10 Ramadan. There are no tourists at present so many shops are closed. We spend time opening some shops but close before iftar.
Ruman Imtiaz Tushar, president of the Tour Operators Association of Kuakata (TUAC), said the number of tourists was much lower in the early part of the month of Ramadan and that was no exception. However, we have received some bookings in 10-15 Ramadan and have started getting advance bookings as there is a long holiday on Eid.
“Currently there are no tourists in Kuakata but our patrol team is still on duty at the beach,” said Hasnain Parvez, Kuakata zone police inspector.


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