False extortion case in land dispute in Shariatpur


Hafizur Rahman. ‍special correspondent:

Although there was a land dispute between the Mamato-Fupato brothers in Naria of Shariatpur, a case of extortion has been registered. The 80-year-old was sentenced to short-term imprisonment in the case. Many more have had to flee. This incident is now discussed everywhere in Shariatpur.

An on-the-spot investigation has found that Mianachan and Ayubali Chayal of Dinara village in Chamta union of Naria upazila bought 54 per cent of the land in BRS4151 of Dingamanik mouza on June 10 from two brothers Tuhin and Shahin Sardar of the same village. Five days later, Aziz Hawladar bought 4 per cent land in the same spot from Rajan and Sujan Moral. Later, when Ayubali Chayal went to fill his land, Aziz Hawladar, Ayubali’s half-brother, claimed the land as his own. At one stage a dispute arose between them over this land.

At one stage, Ayubali sought the cooperation of Naria police station for resolving the allegation of obstruction in Chayal land. On 15 July, SI Jasim of Naria Police Station settled the matter in a conciliatory meeting with dignitaries in the presence of two Amins from both sides.

The two groups got into a dispute on the morning of July 12 after an argument over land on the Kathughli Bridge. There, Aziz Hawladar was hit on the bridge and seriously injured. Aziz Hawladar’s son, who was injured in the incident, filed an extortion case against 11 people at Naria police station. Locals said those against whom the case was filed were not at the scene, many of them living in Dhaka.

Julhas Chayal, son of local Hasu Chayal, said that Aziz Hawladar had a dispute with him over the land of Ayubali Chayal and two groups clashed and Aziz Hawladar was injured. I was not present at the time of the incident but there was an extortion case against me. I can’t go home now, it should be a fair solution.

Rob Bepari of Kathhugli village said Ayubali Chayal bought land here. Aziz Hawladar also bought land next to it. When Aziz Hawladar built a road on the land of Ayubali Chayal, a problem arose between them. They were killed after crossing the road. But Thanan was already aware of this and has filed a case of extortion.

In this regard, Sub-Inspector of Naria Police Station Jasim said, Ayubali lodged a complaint with Chayal Police Station regarding the problem related to land. OC Sir gave me the responsibility to look into the matter. We asked them to sit down with the locals and solve the problem. I and Amin of the two parties have been sitting and measuring their land. I don’t know what he is doing later.


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