Demonstrations in Jamalpur and Beltali demanding justice for Mamun’s murder


Own correspondent: – The police administration has completely failed to reveal the fact of the murder case of extortion in Guagachhia union of Gazaria upazila of Munshiganj. Mamun’s family and local people have alleged that Mamun was killed in a planned manner. The people of Jamalpur and Matlab Uttar police stations of Guagachhia union of Gazaria upazila staged a protest and human chain at 5 pm on Tuesday (July 6) demanding justice for those involved in Mamun’s murder. Thousands of men and women gathered in human bonds, protest rallies and demonstrations.

On the other hand, hundreds of men and women gathered on the banks of the river at Matlab Beltali launch ghat and marched in protest. They also demanded why Matlab Uttar Thana is not taking up the case of Mamun’s murder. Why are they making excuses about the case. Mamun has been killed deliberately.

The protesters complained that Mamun was an expatriate. Comes home on lockdown. He could no longer go abroad because of Corona. Later he was doing business in the area by dredging and dyeing in the river. Mamun has been assassinated for his own self-interest by an insidious group focusing on gaining influence in the area. Those involved in the killings must be brought to justice.

The protesters further complained that the Gazaria police did not file a case as the scene was not at the Gazaria police station. They did not take our case even after repeatedly going to Matlab Uttar police station to lodge a complaint. The naval police also did not take our murder case and the police has filed a pre-planned extortion case against Mamun’s brother and the people of the area.

Mamun’s mother Hosne Ara Begum (60) said, “My son is not an extortionist.” My son has stood by people in danger. Mamun always stood by the local helpless people of Beltali and Matlab Uttar Thana and Jamalpur village. Mamun has been killed as planned. I want justice for his killers.

Mamun’s wife Sonia Akhter (25) said, “I have a two-year-old son, Mahim.” How can I live with him now. My husband Mamun is an expatriate. My husband always stood by the side of helpless people. An unidentified boy called him and killed him. I want justice for this murder.

Two sisters, Shiuli Akhter (40) Ferdousi Akhter, they too have to take up the case of Akuti Mamun’s murder and bring the killers to justice quickly.

Mamun’s father Md. Ali alias Mamud Ali said that Ripon (30), son of A. Khaleq of Charshimulia, called Mamun and took him away. Mamun was later killed along with Saidur Rahman (35), Mokhlech (35), Mofizul (40), Golzar Khan (40), Anish (45), Nazrul (45), Selim (40) and Alam (40). . Mamun’s father Mamud Ali said, “My son was taken to Ripon Dead. The bulkhead authorities called Mamun to compensate him for breaking the river. They took him to Santoshpur Dhanagoda river bank near Taltoli Sakin of Matlab Uttar police station in Chadpur district with sharp weapons. Hit and killed.

When Beltali Naval Police Officer Shahidul Islam was asked why the murder case was not taken up, he gave different statements one by one. He says no one went to him to sue at first. He later said he did not bring any written complaint. No one actually met me on behalf of Mamun.

Chadpur District Naval Police Superintendent Kamruzzaman said he had brought a written statement. However, the name of the boy who rescued Mamun is also written in the statement. The names of some good people have also been written in the statement and the statement has been returned. In fact, those who were involved in the incident have been asked to write down their names, but so far they have not received any written complaint.


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