24 kg fish caught in Padma


Staff reporter (rajbari): A huge fish weighing 24 kg has been caught in Daulatdia Padma river of Goalanda upazila of Rajbari.
On Wednesday morning, April 6, the fish was caught in the net of Mosharraf Haldar in the middle Padma near Daulatdia ferry terminal. When the fish is brought, the locals dare to take a look.
Shahjahan Mia Samrat, owner of Shakil Sohan Fish Warehouse at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat, said fisherman Mosharraf Haldar threw a net in the middle of the Padma River on Wednesday morning. At this time after catching this killer fish in his net. Later, it was bought at a total of forty thousand four hundred and twenty five rupees at the rate of one thousand six hundred and fifty rupees per kg by post. He also said that the fish will be sent to Dhaka in the hope of selling it at a higher price.


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