Mango farmers’ dreams shattered by light rains in Falgun, farmers worried in cloudy skies


Staff Reporter, Rajbari: As the saying goes, “Falgun’s rain is poison for mangoes.” However, if this rain is a little, it becomes a blessing for mango again. There was light drizzle in different parts of Goalanda upazila including Rajbari district on Saturday (March 13) at noon. Mango growers, traders, agriculturists and scientific officials say that the few minutes of rain in Fagun is a blessing for the mango pods. It rained for 15-20 minutes in different parts of Goaland Upazila at around 3:30 pm on Saturday. However, more than half an hour of rain was reported in Rajbari district.

Abbas Mollah, a mango farmer in the upazila, said most of the trees have now taken the shape of buds from buds. This little rain will make the base of these cocoons stronger. Since it didn’t rain too much, it will be good for us. However, if it rains heavily, mango growers will be hit hard at the beginning of this year’s mango production. However, as almost all the trees in his garden are of Fazli variety, the mango buds may also be damaged by this rain, said the mango farmer.

Kobbat Sek, a farmer from Devgram Union of the upazila, said, “I was terrified to see the state of the clouds and the roar since morning. There has been a slight drizzle of rain. It has been good. However, the fear will not go away in the minds of the farmers until the clouds disappear in the sky. In case of heavy rains, on the one hand, there is a risk of fungus in the mango pods, on the other hand, there is a fear of falling of the buds of lame varieties.

Upazila Agriculture Officer. Rakibul Islam said there is a possibility of fungal attack on mango pods due to rains. However, if you spray fungicide with the advice of agronomists, it will go away. However, mango farmers are very scared about this.

As of the writing of the report, cloudy skies, light winds and intermittent rain were reported at different parts of the upazila around 3pm.


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