Remembrance meeting and prayer mahfil of Professor Deen Mohammad Bhuiyan, Editor of the late Gonjagaran Patrika


Omar Jalal : Eastern Journalist Unity held a memorial meeting and prayer meeting of late Professor Dainik Gonjagaran and The Muslim Times founder Deen Mohammad Bhuiyan. Omar Farooq Jalal, President of the Journalist Unity and Editor of the Daily Gonjagaran.

Among others, Shah Faisal, President of Ward 7 of Matuail Union Awami League, Khorshed Alam Sikder, Senior Vice President of Eastern Journalists Unity, Jugantar Journalist AR Hanif, Vice President AR Hanif, Vice President Selim Nizami, Miraj Mahmud, Sharif Ahmed, Journalist Shah Ahmed. Awami League leader Saddam, Mia Mohammad Humayun, Nazmul Hasan, finance secretary of Eastern Journalists Unity, Dr. Saiful Islam and many others.

The program was conducted by Md. Suhrawardy, General Secretary of Eastern Journalists Unity. Hafez Maulana Haji Mohammad Jahangir Alam conducted the prayer mahfil. Speakers on the occasion said that our dearest Professor Deen Mohammad Bhuiyan was a very ordinary man who was always smiling. Even though he was a highly educated man, he used to speak the regional language of Noakhali. He was born in 1956 in Abulshi village of Amishapara union of Sonaimuri upazila of Noakhali. He was born on September 5, 2015.He is a descendant of the revered Yasin Bhuiyan of Noakhali. He started his education at Bechargaon Primary School, Khilampara Secondary School. S. C passes. He obtained his MA in History of Islam from Dhaka University. The path of his career began. Early in his career he taught at other colleges, including Shaheed Asad College. He worked as a visiting professor at Lakshi University in India for a long time. In 1990, he became a journalist. He has worked in several newspapers including Daily Bangla.In 1990, he became a journalist. He has worked in several newspapers including Daily Bangla. In 1991, he edited the daily Ganajagaran and in 2004 published The Muslim Times to highlight the exploited and deprived people of the society. He established the Janakalyan organization “Bangladesh Karma Sansthan Sangstha” in 1986 with the aim of improving the lot of the unemployed and poor people of the country.

At the meeting, everyone prayed for the forgiveness of the soul of the late Professor Deen Mohammad Bhuiyan.


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