Md.Shafique Dhali: Former General Secretary of Gazaria Upazila Branch Awami Chhatra League (led in hard times 2001-2006), re-elected Chairman of Hossendi Union Parishad, always smiling, hardworking, humble, selfless, handsome and smart A dedicated soldier of Bangabandhu’s ideology, devoted to Desaratna Sheikh Hasina, a brave and worthy successor of a time who grew up in an Awami political family, a gentleman and eloquent speaker, Mr. Gazaria is a well-known name in Awami League politics. Monirul Haque Mithu (Mithu Chairman). In order to bring back the leadership of the present Gazaria Awami Juba League, which has been languishing for a long time, to the golden age, it is necessary to form a beautiful and clean committee consisting of some experienced and courageous alumni leaders who have led the way from the front like Mithu chairmen. Therefore, I would like to see public leader Monirul Haque Mithu as the chairman of the newly formed committee of Gazaria Awami Juba League. We are all forced to admit that a political party can never prosper without the leadership of a talented, dedicated, hardworking and worker-friendly leader. In this, both his own party and the country have to face extreme losses. The entire committee of the next Juba League should be formed by utilizing the experience of the recent Gazaria Awami League’s party political activities. It will be happy for long time old workers, supporters and common people like us. Gazaria Awami League will benefit, and the organization will be stronger, speed will come in organizational activities.



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