The fugitive accused in the case filed against his uncle-in-law in Siddhirganj, Shahid, who embezzled Tk 16 lakh, was arrested but was granted bail in court


onlin Desks : Siddhirganj police have arrested Shahidul Islam (Shahid), son of his uncle Kala Chan Miah, and his accomplice Delwar Hossain in a case filed against him for not registering a flat with his niece even after embezzling Tk 16 lakh in the name of selling a flat in Siddhirganj.

According to the sources, on June 8, the accused Shahid’s nephew Shifa’s husband Shakib filed a fraud case against Shahidul Islam Shahid at Siddhirganj Police Station for embezzling Tk 16 lakh in the name of giving him a flat. ) Section. After the case at the police station, the accused Shahid mysteriously fled to avoid arrest. Later, when the investigating officer SI Gautam Saha came to his house with force to arrest the accused, the accused Shahid was able to escape mysteriously after sensing the presence of the police. After the news against the accused martyr was published in the local leading newspapers, national newspapers and online in Narayanganj, he left his house and fled with his body covered. Siddhirganj police continued to arrest the accused Shahid on the basis of secret information. SI Gautam Saha, who was investigating the case from Siddhirganj EPZ area on Thursday, June 17, was able to arrest Shahid at 11.30 am, after which he was sent to Narayanganj George Court. On the same day, the accused was able to get bail from Narayanganj George Court by misleading the wise court and breaking the law. In this regard, the investigating officer of the case Gautam Saha said that if there is a case, it is the responsibility of the police to arrest the accused and the culprit, but if we get bail from a wise court, we have nothing to do. Meanwhile, the plaintiff in the case, journalist Shakib, said that a case was filed against him and he was arrested as a martyr of his uncle’s father-in-law, but they misunderstood the bail and took bail. I have to proceed with respect to the law. I keep coming, the victory of truth will come one day.

Note that the owner of Haji Chan Valley Tower Builders, Shahidul Islam Shahid Sang, son of the late Shifar’s uncle Kala Chan, snatched a total of Rs 16 lakh from his nephew Shifar at 218, Road No-3, Nimaikashari, Siddhirganj in two phases. Speaks. Uncle Shahidul Islam Shahid is trying to explain to his niece Shifar flat even though the work of the building was done later. Although uncle Shahid was pressured with Shifa witnesses in this regard, he continued to cheat with Shifa by showing various excuses. Sources further said that Shahidul Islam sold the flat elsewhere even after taking Rs 4 lakh from them for registry. Niece Shifa and her husband Sakibul Hasan have filed a complaint with Narayanganj District Superintendent of Police Jahedul Alam on May 19, 2020, seeking justice, despite thousands of requests to his uncle. According to local sources, Shahidul Islam is a drug addict. Earlier, the district DB police arrested him while he was taking phencidyl, but later released him on a bond, but he is still using drugs. Flat trader Shahid Takar, who is using drugs, is threatening to establish a Ram kingdom in Siddhirganj. It is known from various sources that many have been sold to the martyrs.


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