Bangladesh PM talks tough against physicians refusing patients


Staff Correspondent  : Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday came down heavily on a section of physicians for not providing treatment to patients in the pretext of keeping themselves safe from COVID-19. Addressing a video conferencing with deputy commissioners of 15 districts in Chattogram and Sylhet divisions from Ganabahaban, the prime minister expressed her dissatisfaction in this regard. She also said that her government wanted to reward those who remained engaged in the fight against COVID-19 since March. Those who escaped the war against COVID-19 will not be eligible for incentives, she said. ‘Why patients will die without treatment after going from door to door? Why a student of Dhaka University will die?’ she questioned referring to the death Dhaka University student Suman Chakma. ‘It is very much painful and regretful. The student did not get any treatment from any physician. He shuttled between hospitals,’ she said. She said that she had instructed to gather the particulars of the doctors who were on duty at the hospitals when the Dhaka University student went there. ‘They don’t have capability to provide treatment, I think that they should be ousted from their jobs,’ she said. ‘If hard days come to Bangladesh, we will bring physicians and nurses from abroad if necessary, but we cannot afford this type of weak mentality. This is reality,’ she said. Regarding any condition from physicians, nurses and health workers that they would work if they got incentives, the prime minister said that if they wanted to get incentive they should work first. The physicians, nurses and health workers can hold meetings and come up with conditions, she said, ‘We will not bother those.’ The prime minister announced some incentives for the physicians. There will be health insurance amounting Tk 5 lakh to Tk 10 lakh for the physicians if they contract COVID-19 while discharging their duties. ‘If anyone dies, the amount of health insurance will be five times higher. But remember that these incentives will be applicable for those who are working against the COVID-19 since March putting their lives in danger,’ she added.


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