Defendant rejects investigation and unconditional release of PBI chargesheet


Selim Nizami: In the Sagar-Runi of Dhaka Reporters Unity on Friday, 1/3/2012, the deceased were shot dead six years ago. Accused accused of being involved in false cases by expert units Dr. ui son Mahi dilabija and engineers. They said that the statement made by my uncle Abdus Salaam in section 6, which has no line and similarity of the statement of 27, was questioned by the media present about the great uncle and great aunt. But sadly the PBI didn’t ask them anything. PBI letter to our 3-year-old grandmother forced her to give a statement. The family of the deceased Sagira Morshed ie my uncle’s brother Salam Chowdhury’s father-in-law did not ask any of the house. On the contrary, some of the witnesses have been made witnesses in the case. Going to Asked about the charge sheet given by the PBI, they replied that we were rejecting the PBI investigation and demanding a fresh inquiry. You media workers can uncover the real killers of this incident. Responding to another question, Dr Dilabiz and Mahir said that the case, which lasted for eight years, was resolved in just eight days. It must have been a well-planned conspiracy that diluted all our achievements in life. At one point talking about family bonding, all the journalists tried to prove by showing some footage of the projector that their family bond was very good, and that by the time Sagi had killed Morshed the robbers in 3, three families remained in the same building till 2002. The reporters present ask if your uncle lied in the media. Dr Dilawiz and Engineer Mahir of the north said that the master plan arranged in the whole incident claimed that his (in-law) father-in-law’s relative was 100 percent fuel. Asked about the defendants’ confession to the PBI, namely, your parents and maternal uncle, Dr Dilwiz and Engineer Mahir said in response to the inhuman torture and intimidation created by the compulsion and forcibly took audio video records. Responding to a question, your parents and uncles have pleaded guilty in a statement before the magistrate. He said that he gave my parents only five minutes in the Khas Kamra. They had typed paper by PBI before going to Khaskamra. The magistrate responsible said, “I do not have time to sign. When asked about the only eyewitness Rikswala, he replied in response to how Rizwala could have recognized Maruf Reza at the age of six years ago. How did the father know that Aunt Amma would pass the road to Mouchak, but at the four o’clock in the afternoon on the day that the murder took place, it was decided to be an uncle or aunt to go to school. So we urge all of you in the media to help bring this brutal incident to the nation. My parents ended the press conference demanding unconditional release of my uncle


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