Human bonds in the defense of a one and half year old settlement in Gazipur jurun area

Riad Hossain : Locals have made human bonds to protect the old settlements of one and 
a half year old in Konaabari Jurun area of ​​Gazipur. Thousands of men and women take part
 in human bonds on Kashimpur-Konabari regional road in the morning. At that time, 
more than 400 families have been living in the house of Mirpur Mouza in Jurun area of 
​​Konabari and they have been living for a long time. Suddenly notice of eviction from 
the property was given. The families of the victims are in panic.
Families set up human bonds on one side of the Kanobari Kashimpur road. They blocked 
the road and started protesting. Human rights activists started protesting. They said 
that millions of Rohingyas get a place in our country, but even though we are citizens 
of this country, why would our 1.5 year old settlements be evicted? The protesters took 
about half an hour on the road.


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