Moktar Mollah, a former policeman, has been chained for 22 years


Kabir Hossain, Rajbari: Former policeman Moktar Mollah has been living in chains under the open sky for a long 22 years. Her home is in Rajapur village of Basantpur union of Rajbari Sadar upazila. He joined the Bangladesh Police as the Police Constable on October 25. Since then his life was working well. He was forced to retire from his job on October 1, losing his mental balance on October 1. Then he was brought to the house in various places and he was not able to recover. The situation became more dire. As a result, the family members forced the iron chains on his feet. Moktar Molla, a former policeman, has been living under the open sky for 22 long years since being chained to an iron chain. When the news about him was published in the newspaper, his son Tayabur was employed in the Bangladesh Police Force with the help of the then Superintendent of Police. But Muktar Molla, a former policeman, could not be released from chains today due to lack of medical care. Muktar Mollah has been recovering somewhat in medicine for 22 years. Moktar Molla, a former policeman, will be able to lead a normal life if he is treated better. For this, his family members demanded government help. Moktar Molla’s wife said, “My son has to work free to run my family through the money he sends to work. I have two more children. It costs a lot to read a girl’s writing. At that point my husband needed a lot of money for advanced treatment. If the government were to help financially, my husband could lead a normal life through improved medical care. Moktar Molla’s daughter, son and local residents demanded good government’s vision for this. Basantpur union chairman Mirza Badi Ujaman Babu said former Moktar Mollah, a 22-year-old prisoner, has been living a long life. Which is a heartbreaking scene. We want to stand by her. He will recover and return to normal life if he is improved. For this, a lot of money is needed. If the government gives a good eye, then the former policeman Moktar Mollah will be able to walk normally. Former police officer Moktar Mollah will return to normal life with advanced and well-educated health. This is what the locals and their families want.


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