Bangladesh closes in to form format-based cricket team


MT Online Sports Desk: While the separate teams for three formats of cricket helped many teams in the world to grab success, Bangladesh is close to unveil three different teams in a bid to thrive in every format, following their suit.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan Papon insisted that
if everything goes in right direction, they will unleash the three different
teams within 2020.

He said the BCB is keen to begin the groundwork for separate teams from
the next year. Earlier, there was a problem to form three different teams due
to lack of players in the pipeline, which is not the case now.

But the senior players will be prioritized in every team, said Papon.

“Three years ago, I said that we should form a separate team for every
format. We kept saying it but the problem was shortage of players. But now we
are getting players gradually and the number of the players has been
increased. So we can plan now,” Papon said.

“We are now confident that we can form [three separate teams]. But you
can’t axe someone all of a sudden. This is a process. Those who are in form,
those who are the senior players, you can’t leave them out overnight. We have
to think about it. But by the next year, we will get a clear picture who
suits in which format and then we can form the team.”

The difference in Bangladesh’s performance at home and abroad is quite
wide. In the latest India series, Bangladesh lost the Test series badly but
the problem is that the Tigers would have to play most of their series in
abroad in 2020.

Considering those facts, Papon saw a huge challenge for Bangladesh in the
coming year. But he is hopeful about the aged level team and saw big dreams
that the Under-19 team will do well in the upcoming ICC Under-19 World Cup.

“As I said earlier, the 2020 is going to be huge challenging for us. The
success that we got in the last five years, all came at home soil. But now we
have to play most of the matches in overseas condition. This is a big
challenge for us. Naturally we did badly in overseas condition. But I am
hopeful that the situation will be changed. Our U19 team is going to play the
World Cup. As far as the preparation is concerned, they are well prepared,”
Papon opined.

“They have played so many matches abroad. They won against England by 2-0,
against New Zealand by 4-1. They have played well in that condition. So we
are hopeful about them. Those players will gradually come in Bangladesh and I
hope they will change the syntax of our cricket,” he remarked.


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