The word propaganda in Rajbari has taken the form of terror!


Kabir Hossain, Rajbari: There are many works which are legally punishable but for a long time there is no administrative barrier. The public is following the rules. Whenever there is a high volume of seminars such as speech or promotion of various organizations, such activities have been taking place for a long time. People today have lost understanding of these problems in terms of vocabulary. Some get annoyed and walk their fingers through their ears. For this, no one can protest due to lack of concentration.
In the remote village of Rajbari district – in the city when the loud noise is going on. Especially admission to coaching, admission to school, private doctor’s clinic or special doctor’s promotion, publicity micking on special occasion of an institution, selling low cost Chinese lights and various places including high-speed micking are regularly carried out. There is no deadline to promote. When there is a loud noise in front of the educational institution or in the city or hospital area.
From dawn till night, no environment, time or time is not adhered to by this person or organization. Most hospitals are located in Rajbari, including educational institutions and government offices.
Under the noise pollution law, if there is a hospital, it will be identified as a “silent area”. Noises are not allowed in these silent areas.
Instead of taunting them all, there is a constant buzz in the palace of the kind of sound that has taken shape in terror.
Talks with Rajbari Civil Surgeon Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman are discussed about what can hurt a person in a loud voice. He said that loud noise can be a serious problem for any healthy person. Especially the hearing power can be reduced and even the ear screen can burst. Children have more problems with it. A sleepy baby may break sleep due to loud noises. Children’s ears are much softer so they are more likely to have problems.


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