Silent journalist Sage Prime Minister checked Jamaat leader!


MT Correspondent: Jamaat leader Sadat Ullah has taken a check of donations from the Prime Minister as a distressed journalist. This is what Sadek Hossain Chowdhury, Publicity and Publicity Secretary, Bandarban District Awami League has said. He told the media on Friday (November 7th) in a statement sent to the media. In a written statement, he mentioned that we were surprised and deeply concerned about the opportunity to enter Sadat Ullah Ganabhaban, the former UP chairman of Jamaat-e-Islami camp in Charamba union identified as Lohgara Upazila of Chittagong, in the backdrop of misguided journalism. Earlier, Sadat Ullah, identified as a cheater, was born in a foreign country by traveling with the Prime Minister as a journalist. The statement further said, “How did the identified Jamaat leader and former UP chairman make a list of donations as a distressed journalist, and entered the Ganabhaban at its earliest opportunity to receive donations from the Prime Minister?” I demand the legal action of the culprits and the culprits who are involved in the investigation. Last Thursday (November 7th), Sadat Ullah, a donor of Jamaat, received a grant of two lakhs as a journalist, former chairman of the Charamba Union of Lohagara upazila in Chittagong. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina handed over the donation to her. Sadat Ullah is reported to have received the grant as a journalist for the Daily Inquilab.


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