Anand rally in Dinajpur to succeed Bangladesh Awami Volunteer League National Conference


 Md. Mizanur Rahman Dofura: On November 7, the Dinajpur District Volunteer League was organized by Zabariya and Zakariya, the general secretary, under the leadership of Dinajpur District Volunteer League. In front of the main road of Dinajpur city, a huge procession came out from the office of Basuniapatis District Awami League in Dinajpur at 9am on Saturday, November 7, in front of the theme “Sheikh Hasina’s government, progress and democracy.” President Abu bin Rajab, general secretary Zaka Zakir process. Vice-president of the District Voluntary League Suman Parvez, joint secretary Sujan Das, organizing secretary Md. Taslim Uddin, secretary of the office, Taizul Islam Titu, publicity secretary Ariful Islam, district and city, Sadar, Kotwali and ward and union Sabeb. . It is to be noted that in order to make the procession of the District Voluntary Club successful, the city volunteers led by Rakibul Hasan Sabuj, General Secretary Maruf Russell, Sadar Upazila Volunteer League President Abdus Salam Sarkar and General Secretary Rakibul Islam Rakib-Ragib.


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