On the fourth day, the children of Kab Campuri look for the indigenous tradition of playing in the country

Riad hossain: Today on the fourth day of the fourth Dhaka Regional Kab Campuri, held at the National Scout Training Center, Mouchak, Gazipur, Kab children are trying to find a local heritage in the domestic play. On Sunday, (October 13) four sub-camps participated in the activities of two durbar. The games are almost a traditional game lost in Bangladesh.Durant 5 is a playboy tradition: A “Durant” is a combination of various sports teams. Games are held at different stations at certain times. There were both domestic and foreign games. Domestic games are – 1.Golchhat, 2. Dariabandha, 3. Kabaddi, 4. Kha kha, 6. Fultakka 6. Baw chi and 7.Cock fighting. Foreign games are – 1.Football, 2. Cricket.Durant 6 “Developing the talent: This” Durant “is competitive and the Cub Scout programmer is equipped with two materials. Of these, one are oral transmissions, the other is painting. The distance was held at two different stations. Together, 5 to 6 units participate.Durant 7 My craft: Each unit has the dazzling talents of the Cub Scouts through the opportunity to mainstream. This distance is largely competitive.Durant 8 Initiative: This Durant is essentially a sample pack meeting of the Kabaddi. All the rules of pack meeting are required to replace the kebabs, and the units participate in at least six station-based games.


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