Navy scanner machine looking for a drowning taxi and driver

Kamrul Hasan Rubel: Three days have passed but the taxicab and its driver have not yet been found in the river, which lost control of the Aminbazar-Salehpur Bridge on the Dhaka-Aricha highway. However, the family of the missing driver has been staying at the scene since the incident. The locals became agitated by their cries and tears. Along with the Fire Service and Navy dive team, they also participated in rescue efforts.
Since all attempts were unsuccessful, navy divers have launched a search with two scanners to retrieve the car and the driver.Earlier at about 8 pm on Sunday, a yellow-colored taxicab from Savar to Dhaka was hit by a passenger bus at the Aminbazar-Salehpur Bridge area. At this time, the taxicab swiftly fell into the Turag River. Police confirmed it from the footage contained in a CCTV camera on the highway near the bridge.Immediately after the incident, four fire service units and a crew of 7 members arrived at the scene and took part in the rescue operation. They first try to identify the vehicle’s position by dropping the anchor in a traditional manner. But after 24 hours no results were found. A submarine team of the navy consisting 13 members carried oxygen and proceeded to the rescue. The locals got excited as the team was not able to locate the car. They went down to the river in search of the missing car and driver with boat and bamboo although there was heavy stream in the river.Meanwhile, from the noon of Tuesday the car and the driver of the vehicle were being scanned through a toner scanner machine, led by the Navy Lt. Sirajus Salekin, around a square kilometer across the river. When asked, the Chief of Navy diver Kabir Hossain said that the site scanner toner machine has been used since 2pm on Tuesday. Whenever the vehicle is located, it will be immediately identified and and divers will dive to rescue. Searches have been initiated in the area of about one square kilometer, but the area will be increased by talking to senior officials if needed. But hopefully we can give you some good news soon. On the other hand, the identity of the driver and the car was initially identified. Ziaur Rahman, the driver of the submerged car Axio 2012 model of the trust transport service operated by the Army Welfare Trust. His village home is at Boalmari in Faridpur. Despite the unfortunate news, the driver Ziaur’s family has been waiting on the Turag despite the hot sun to find the body. Missing’s brother Jahangir Alam said, Ziaur Rahman has two daughters. Since the incident, Ziaur Rahman’s wife has been repeatedly unconscious. “The only hope now is to get at least the brother’s dead body back in time,” he said. Mostafa Mohsin, sub-assistant director of the fire service and civil defense, said, “Our mission is to retrieve the taxi cab that fell into the Turag River.” Divers are looking in all potential places of the river,” he said.


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