RAB-1 members have arrested 17 drug businessmen in Gazipur

Amir hossain: Rapid Action Battalion members have arrested 17 drug addicts and businessmen during a raid on Tongi railway station in the city of Gazipur on Tuesday (August 27). Later, the mobile court of RAB-1 sentenced them to imprisonment and fined for various terms.
Lt Commander Abdullah Al Mamun, company commander of Porabari RAB-1 camp in Gazipur, said the mobile court sentenced them to ACM Golam Morshed Khan, assistant commissioner (land) of Tongi Circle.
At that time, 4kg of 200 grams of marijuana, 105pitch yaba tablet, 8 liters of Bengali liquor and 3 grams of heroin were destroyed on the spot by magistrate's orders and the convicts were sent to Gazipur jail.


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