Open house day-20 was held at Konabari police station

Amir real: Open House Day - 2019 was held at Gazipur Metropolitan Konabari Police Station.
The incident took place in front of the police station at Konabari police station on Monday (August 26) at 5 pm.
The chief guest at the event was Senior Assistant Police Commissioner Sorehab Hossain of Koshimpur konabari Police Station.
Rafiur Karim (Rafi) in charge of the konabari police station chaired the charge.Was present on the occasion Leaders of local Awami League members, journalists and the general public.Also, the executive editor of the moving message, columnist journalist Reza Chowdhury said, "If I cooperate with the journalist police brother brothers with the news of the staff of the drug business, I will cooperate with the news of the news workers. In response, Emadad Hossain OC Konabari police station said that arrangements for media cell will be taken in the next few days.


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