Tea workers are being given expired flour in Kulaura


Kulaura correspondent: Experts have been supplying rations to workers at Kaliiti Tea Gardens in Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar for several days. According to doctors, eating this flour can lead to various diseases including stomach upset.
It is learned that there are 540 workers in this garden. Each one gets ration as a ration from three and a half kg to a maximum of 10 kgs per week. For three to four weeks, the garden authorities have supplied two kilograms of flour with the ‘army’, made by an organization called ‘Diamond Food Industries’. The date of production of the flour on the wrap is given on 23 April this year. The expiration date is June 16.
Shambhu Das, a member of the Garden Workers Panchayat Committee, said they had informed the garden manager after the matter had been noticed. In response, the manager returned it to them saying it would not be a problem playing the dough.
Garden manager Pranab Kanti Das said the issue of expired atta was not known. No one has complained to them before. However, in the future, the flour will not be given to the workers. Assistant Director of the Moulvibazar Office of the Consumer Rights Protection Department. Al-Amin said the supply of expired flour is illegal. There is a provision in the law for supplying such flour. If specific complaints are received, appropriate investigation will be taken.


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