Rape by holding the lover by showing the temptation of marriage


Kulaura Pratinidhidhi: A cheating lover raped a 17-year-old girl in Kulaura where she was kept for a month and raped. Finally, the girl escaped from her boyfriend’s case and filed a rape case with the police. Police arrested the boyfriend (25) and sent him to jail through court on Thursday.

According to the complaint and local sources, the boyfriend and the lover’s house were in the same area. In that connection, a love affair develops between them. Unaware of the teenager’s house, on July 18 morning, the teenager escaped to the house of his relative in Kadamhahata in Rajnagar Upazila after showing a lover’s marriage. Then every day, the boyfriend raped the teenage girl by showing her the temptation to marry. At one point, however, talk of marriage avoids the matter of love. About a month later, on August 21, when the boy went to the market, the teenager escaped from the house. Later, he came to Kulaura police station with his father and filed a case. Police were able to arrest the accused boyfriend after the case was filed.

Deputy Superintendent of Investigation (SI) said. Harunur Al Rashid said the accused boyfriend was sent to jail by the court and the girl was sent to Moulvibazar Sadar Hospital for medical examination.


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