International Youth Day is celebrated in the initiative of PSTC-Connection Project in Dinajpur


Md. Mizanur Rahman (Dofura): A rally, talks and youth football and cricket match were held at the Lok Bhavan in Dinajpur city on Thursday, August 22, at 8am, organized by the Population Services and Training Center-PSTC Connection Project, Dinajpur.
Dr Md. Ahad Ali, caretaker of Dinajpur General Hospital, addressed the program as chaired by Finance and Admin Officer Md. Masudur Rahman of Dinajpur.Special guest spoke on behalf of FS Mamunur Rahman of the PSTC Connection Project and in collaboration with FS Shahnaz Parveen, Senior Health Education Officer, Dinajpur Civil Surgeon Office, Md. Saiful Islam, Medical Officer Dr. Md. Raihan Saeed and Tkwar Zanik, Tankar Jalik and Dinajpur. Its general secretary is Md. Sadakatul Bari. At the end of the ceremony, the chief guest presented a trophy for the prize match winners. PSTC-Connection Project Children and girls between the ages of 15 to 24 years, transport workers, floating sex workers, small businessmen, pedestrians, children engaged in risky work. In addition, organizing meetings, meeting of parents and local committee members, NGO coordination meetings, providing free medical services through referral, coordination meeting with the district administration, awareness raising through the media, treatment of HIV / AIDS patients is being carried out.


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