Fear of new terrorist attacks around the world


 International Desk : The United Nations has warned that a new terrorist attack could take place around the world before the end of this year. In a report, the United Nations said the situation could change before the end of the year, even if there is no international terrorist-violence incident.
A report by special observers of the Security Council of the United Nations revealed a shocking picture of global Islamic militant activity, according to British media The Guardian. The report says militant attackers have been silent in recent times, but the overall situation is still critical. More than 3,000 foreign nationals are still alive in the Islamic State (IS). UN observers have expressed concern about them.
“Their future plans are a cause for concern for the future of the international arena,” the report said. They can join al-Qaeda or a newly formed militant group. Some of them will become leaders of these militants, and some will be sponsors of the attacks. ”The report is based on information from intelligence agencies in the UN member states.
The report says that although the Islamic State may seem to be extinct, the UN member states think that the catalysts that have worked behind the rise of IS remain. So the terrorist threat to militant organizations such as IS or al-Qaeda is not going to stop.
The report also said that poverty, imprisonment, frustration, depression and inmates suffering from imprisonment and violence in prison are one of the main concerns of militant fundamentalism.
The report says that various mechanisms to prevent radical fundamentalism have not yet been fully implemented. The UN report says there are challenges in deciding what will be decided about poor Islamic militants in various prisons.
European countries say at least six thousand Europeans have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join IS or some other terrorist organization. About one-third of them were killed. One-third still remain there or have moved elsewhere. Of these Europeans, two thousand or more have returned to Europe.
In addition, thousands of militants and their families detained in various US-controlled detention camps in Syria are also said to be challenging to control global terrorism. In addition, IS militants brought large numbers of children from different areas. And many children have given birth to these militants. These children are now orphans, homeless or in a state of poverty, roaming the cliffs of uncertain future.
Western countries do not want to return homeless citizens to Syria to join IS. Because countries know, it will not be possible to bring these citizens to justice. There are also security risks.
According to the report, IS has $ 1 to 5 million in its hands. This means they are using themselves to achieve various propaganda. However, reports say that leaders of the Islamic State did not know in advance about the attacks on Sri Lankan churches and hotels.
These attacks have triggered local militants who are motivated by IS ideology, the report said. The attacks were aimed at highlighting the image of the defeated IS in Syria, the report said. Al-Qaeda is still active, citing the report, saying that the physical condition of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the 6-year-old leader of the organization, is not good.
A major part of the UN report was the violent upheaval of Islamist militant outfits in West Africa. The report says an IS militant outfit is active throughout Central Africa. Their main bases in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But intelligence agencies disagree on whether there is any reason for the militants to feel threatened or whether they have any real IS affiliation with them.
While intelligence agencies in some Central African countries have considered the threat to ISIS militant organizations, intelligence agencies in other countries have dismissed such claims as “opportunistic” behavior.


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