Saudi Arabia rejects offer of Hajj through international committee


International Desk : Saudi Arabia rejects proposal to conduct Hajj through an international committee Such proposals call ‘Hajj politicization’ by the adviser of the Saudi king and the governor of the two holy mosques, Khaled al-Faisal. Saudi newspaper Ashraq al-Awsat said in a report on Tuesday that the Saudi king’s adviser and governor of Mecca, Khaled al-Faisal, said his aim was to nullify the attempt to use Hajj for any non-religious purpose. Khaled Al Faisal said, “Saudi Arabia rejects all politicization of the Hajj issue. Efforts to politicize the Holy Hajj will not be tolerated. “Working for the welfare of Muslims is a pride for us,” added Khaled Al Faisal.
According to a report from journalists, Saudi Arabia has been demanding the formation of an international committee to conduct Hajj in various countries of the world, accusing them of failing to conduct Hajj properly. The Saudi Arabian government is alleged to have created problems for Iran, Yemen and Libya in addition to causing problems for Qatari citizens to enter Saudi Arabia and perform Hajj. Due to this, in the last few years, the Saudi government has questioned the management of Hajj and the demand for Hajj has been strengthened by the International Committee.


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