Destroy the net without moving the trash


 Md. Sohail Rana : The Handial Police Investigation Center detained Badai from the east side of Handial Opda Bad in Nimichara Union of Chatmohar Upazila. Police seized a net worth of Rs. 1 lakh worth of Md. Abdus Salam and Al Amin of Nimichara Union in a joint operation of the Handial Police Investigation Center and Chatmohar Fisheries Office at 8 pm last night to protect the eggs and fish. Md. Mahbubur Rahman Upazila Fisheries Officer led Kandhin oil was burnt publicly in the field of Handial High School and was destroyed. In-charge of the Handial Police Investigation Center, Md. Abul Kalam, along with Md. Masud Rana (ASI) were present.


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