Padma water is falling in Shariatpur, homes are being taken away


Nur Alam Jiku: Padma River water shortage improves the flood situation, but erosion continues. From Tuesday night to Thursday morning, around 15 houses in the Munshikandi area of ​​Noopara Union in Nariya upazila of Shariatpur were dissolved in the river. About 3 more houses are facing demolition. Meanwhile, PUBI has dropped 30sandbag geobags to prevent erosion.
The Shariatpur District Water Development Board (PUBI) office said that the Padma river was flowing down 5 cm below the danger zone at Nariya Shureshwar Point in Shariatpur district on Thursday morning. Until last Monday, water was rising in the Padma River. Naudoba began to break into the Munshikandi area after the Padma water was reduced from 8pm on Tuesday, local public representatives said.
Local residents said that river erosion has been going on since Tuesday night at Naupara Munshikandi village. As of Thursday morning, about 3 houses had disappeared into the river.
Monoyara Begum, wife of Latif Madbar of Noipara Munshikandi village, said that two years ago her husband owned 5 percent of the land. But the catastrophic Padma river breaks their crop land, Vitimati River. After losing the land, houses and houses last year, two percent of the local UP member Anayetullah lived in a tin house on the tin house with his old husband, son, son’s wife and two granddaughters. But last Tuesday night, the land also left the river with its houses.
Giyasuddin Beppari of the same village said, “I slept with my wife and children on Tuesday night.” Suddenly the sound of a bizarre sound wakes up. I opened the door of the house and saw that the land had gone to the river till the front of the house. With the help of neighbors, I was able to move the house in some way. Now I am living with the tin print on the land of others.
Chairman of Noopara UP, Rashed Azhar Sohail Munshi, said that the water in the Padma river has started to come down due to some low flood water. However, with the reduction of water, the breakdown occurred separately.
He said that three houses in Naupara Munshikandi had disappeared under the river. Many homes were under threat, so I moved them to a safer place.
Sub-engineer Suman Chandra Bonik, deputy engineer of the Shariatpur District Water Development Board, said that 1,500 sand filling geobags were dropped in the Noopara Munshikandi area on Wednesday to keep the situation normal. There will be 5,3 geobags thrown in there.


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