Documentary of the United Nations Mission on Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury


Anamul Alam : Bangladeshis are winning the world over. The success of police superintendent Jalal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury has been linked to this success. Jalal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury was honored for his success in the UN peacekeeping mission. A special documentary has been created with this police officer in recognition of his special contribution to the United Nations’ ‘UNMID’ mission. This is the first time that the United Nations Mission has produced such a prestigious documentary about an officer of Bangladesh Police.  In recognition of his special contribution to the United Nations’ ‘UNMID’ mission, the police produced a four-minute and 20-second documentary on the officer. Uploaded by UN Police on Facebook Page In this documentary, Jalal Ahmed praised the fate of the UNICEF Police Chief of Staff. Amadu Mannah and Deputy Police Commissioner Mr. Yemeni Asanessa. Officials of the Bangladesh Police Headquarters are elated to produce such a documentary about a Bangladeshi police officer. In this regard, Additional Inspector General of Police Headquarters Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said, “It is indeed an honor for Bangladesh Police. Jalal has represented Bangladesh Police with his talent and talent. Junior officers of the police will be inspired by his achievement.According to the police headquarters, Bangladeshi policemen have been carrying out their duties successfully at the UN mission. He has received praise from the UN Headquarters on various occasions. Which is the reason for envy of policemen in many other countries. But in the meantime, it is a big thing for Jalal Uddin Ahmed to be officially recognized. As the latest ‘IPO’ Ohfarfarfarshdash, he played a key role in allowing Elfisar to take charge of a unit of 7 in Darfur’s ‘Nayala’ while serving as a policy officer at Sudan’s ‘Unimed Mission Darfur’. According to the calculations, the unit was supposed to return home when the Niall mission was completed in October this year. However, this unit will be in charge of the Elphisar from October. It is reported that Jalal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, officer of BCS-25th batch, joined Unamid Mission Darfur Mission on February 27 as an IPO. There he served in the Strategy, Budget and Co-ordination units. He took over as Planning Officer (P-1) on October 23. In addition to his duties, he served as Acting Police Chief of Staff, Police Chief of Operations, FPU Co-ordinator and Management Oversight Officer / Legal Officer. The journalist congratulated all the journalists who worked in the newspaper, including President of the weekly border post editorial committee, Selina Chowdhury, editor Sanjay Debnath, publisher Misbahur Rahman Enam, board member of the board, Shamsul Arifin Chowdhury.It is to be noted that Jalal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury is a descendant of kalaura.


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