Celebrate mosquitoes cleaning and cleaning week-2019 in Baliadangi


Md. Elias Ali: Baliadangi Upazila administration organized the Clean Week-20 on Monday in the slogan, “Keep my courtyard clean, everyone healthy.” Rally, rallies and awareness-raising leaflets were held in Baliadangi like the rest of the country.
Upazila Executive Officer Abdullah Al Mamun presided over the rally, attended by Upazila Chairman Ali Aslam Jewel and administration officials, employees, civil society, students and students. During this time the Upazila Executive Officer and Upazila Chairman participated in the rally and distributed leaflets in their hands and made the people aware. For the sake of awareness, the leaflet mentions: drain, drain, canal, reservoir, mojapukur and other dirt and other dirt kept clean. Self-initiative around the residence, office, market and keep it clean. Water flow in the canal drainage should be maintained.
The Aedes mosquito breeds in the transparent water contained in the abandoned coconut / dab, plastic / tin whitewash, tire, indoor tub, etc., so water cannot be allowed in all these places. Mosquitoes must be used during sleep during the day / night.
If fever / headache is felt, consult the doctor at the nearest hospital and take the medicine as advised.


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