Helping the International Health Organization cure my mother’s disease


According to doctors, my daughter has got tinea versicolor of which I have tried to treat it but never cured last 3 years. Her name is Nure Tamannaa Jannat Nisfa. She is 10 year old. As a single mother, I am afraid what type of fungus it might be. I have tried many medications for her, with doctors but still her disease condition continues. During the medication the fungus still appears, soon after several treatments it appears all over her legs and spreading on all areas. What is bothering me now the fungus is spreading all over her body. What are the best to cure it? Please give me some real advice. This is my only children & I am a single mother. My daughter can’t even go to school, because everybody scared to hang with her. I’m really worried about my daughter. If any International health organization would like to take the case of my daughter disease, I will be more than appreciate. Please contact as bellow. May Allah bless you.Fatima Bilkis (Teacher) Phone no: +8801706566405 Address: Block- H.House-1, Road -15.Shali Thana, Mirpur- ,1 Dhaka 1216.BANGLADESH


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