Crossing with a bamboo bamboo of Dara Hat in Deviganj. UNO’s money for repair

Debiganj Correspondent: Kaiyum: On the way to the proposed economic zoning of Debiganj in Panchagarh, Bashar built on the road in Darhathat area has become risky. Although small-sized traffic is still in operation, it is now closed. Only people are crossing the risk this season. The school-going children could not go through Sako and returned home after a long time with mud and water. Sakura can be broken at any time. On the afternoon of Wednesday, Sakura visited the UNO Pratyayi Hassan Sakoti of Debibanj and gave the money from her private fund for the reconstruction of wood and bash. The local people will renovate Saakoti with a sum equal to the amount given by the UNO. UNO Pratyayi Hassan Sahib told the locals to start the construction of Saka


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