25 thousand people of 30 villages suffer due to indifference to the contractor


Md. Ilias Ali: For the convenience of the movement of 25,000 people in two union of Thali-dongi Baliaadangi upazila, construction of big bridges has broken down the small culvert, for about 6 months. It was expected that the benefit of the general public’s movement would increase and local and concerned people. However, after the start of the construction of the bridge, the alternate road for movement during the rainy season has become ineligible for movement of the knee. Locals fear that more rains than the possibility of submerging the alternative road is more rain. According to the Local Engineering Department, construction work of 45 meter girder bridge on Baiaadarghi Hat Nahna river at Baliadangi (Dangi) Harinmari GC Via Aadardighi Hat Nahna river at Thali Bank of Baliadangi upazila has been inaugurated on 27th January of this year. The construction of new bridges on the old bridge has been completed before the monsoon season, but due to the indifference of the contractor and work slow down in the current year, more than 25 thousand people of 30 villages of Borbari and Amjankhoir Union of the upazila have been hit. After the completion of the construction of the old bridge, the new bridge was started 1 month ago. The only thing that has started is to remove the pillar. However, the local engineering director said that the contractor’s company has to complete the construction of the entire bridge within 6 months. The alternative road is made with a wooden stove on the Nahna river. The road to the last two-day rain movement has turned into a knee-like mud. Traffic has been stopped. The contact with the city of Baliadangi has been lost, 25 thousand people of two union. On the side of the bridge, a young man named Mikail Rahman told our representative that in the morning, all the people in the area went to work in the upazila town. The easy road to the upazila town has now stopped the movement of the knee equal mud. This is nothing but the arbitrariness of the contracting organization. In the rainy season, the local suffering created a desire. According to the local Minnat Ali, the rice will be planted in the same mud at the same time tomorrow. All the people in the area have been told.
A pedestrian named Karimul Islam, who came to the upazila city from Harinmari area, told that, for two days, going for a 15-kilometer journey to town is going to go. The previous bridge was better than that. Upazila Engineer Mainul Islam told our representative on mobile phone, I came to Dhaka. The matter is referred to the contractor in the mobile phone. Hopefully, move away from the mud will be arranged.
The people of the contractor said that it took a little longer to break the old bridge. For this construction of bridge will take some time. Moreover, due to the sudden rain, there was no reason to worry that such a woe would be created.


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