Distribution of umbrella and lungi among the madrasah students in Kulaura


Kulaura Delegation: In the Kulaura, under the initiative of Syed Rashid Ali Foundation, corollary has been distributed among the madrassa students between umbrellas, lungis and three helpless families. The umbrella, lungis and corrugated iron were distributed in the area of ​​Moraraj under Routgaon union of the upazila around 2:30 on July 2 (Tuesday). Founded Chairman of the Foundation Syed Jubair Ali, expatriate from the United States, Zakirul Islam Zakaria and Moulvibazar district’s first class contractor (reluctant to disclose names) were implemented in this program. Vice-Chairman of Kulaura Upazila Parishad Fatehah Ferdous Chowdhury Poppy, Journalist Association Kulaura unit president Moktadir Hossain, journalist Shakir Ahmed, President of the management committee of Rashid Ali Government Primary School Muktijoddha Nazir Khan, Longla Rashedia Shamseria Hafizia Madrasah President Syed Mohammad Ali, Vice President Abdul Matlib, editor Abdul Muttakim , Joint secretary teacher Hafiz Abdur Noor, finance secretary Syed Ali Ahmed, headmaster of the school Dilip Kumar, assistant teacher Mashum Ahmad, Rashid Ali Foundation member Hasina Akhter, Aashma Begum and others.


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