Razzle rally and concert organized by “Sopnil Electronics” at the Marcel Company’s Kishti Fair


Amir Hossain (Real): Kaliyakoir Mouchak of Gazipur has been held at the Mercury Freeze Kisti Mela. This fair is held on Wednesday (June 26th) by a huge joy rally. The six-day fair was held under the Digital Campaign Season 4. On 21 June, the fair was inaugurated by Tayebur Rahman (Tushar), deputy director of Marcel Company. Kaliakair Upazila Parishad chairman was present as the chief guest. Kamal Uddin Sikder. Mersel area manager Md. Nurul Amin, Owner of dream electronics King of Rahim. Concert and colorful rallies were organized on the occasion of the fair. During the fair, arrangements were made for organizing a pleasant cultural program with the participation of Dhaka and local artists, including Channel I’s petit Gaanraj star Jhumra. In addition, exchange of views with local dignitaries was also organized.
The fair, organized by “Swapnil Electronics” of Bhanarara Bazar, has made a huge response among local buyers.
On the last day of the fair, a colorful joy rallies came out from Bhanara Bazar. The rally ends on the Dhaka-Tangail highway and crosses the main road of the market along Phulbaria road and goes to the front of the show-room (dreamy electronics). During this time hundreds of people participated in rallies of banners, festoons, leaflets, tigers, deer, horse carts, T-shirts, caps, bandparks, motorcycles in Marcel-Lolo. The highlight of the rally was the 12-foot cricket bat. Apart from this, Bangladesh’s cricket team has jerseys and 11 youths join the joy rallies with the bat. Leaflets were distributed among locals. Marine Company Deputy Director Tayebur Rahman (Tushar), Marcel Area Manager Md. Nurul Amin, Owner of dream electron


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