The base of the Mosque of the mosque at the predetermined place adjacent to the central Eidgah ground

Masjid Al Azhar

Debiganj reporter:The honorable Prime Minister has given the allocation of money for the construction of a four-storey mosque in the upazila level of 17 crore taka. Accordingly, the place of mosque of Debiganj upazila has been selected by the Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs attached to the central Eidgah grounds of Debiganj upazila. In the meantime local political leaders disagree with the position of the mosque Is the creation The construction of the mosque is closed. Presently the municipal people formed a human chain to demand the construction of a mosque adjacent to the Eidgah field adjacent to the upazila headquarters. The demand of the upazila parishad will be suitable environment for worship. The Islamic Foundation’s office and complex work will get a nice environment. Due to the degree of college, the college students and teachers all go down Five days of the Upazila Parishad will not have to go out to collect the prayers. This mosque can be used as a march of Tabligha. Aesthetic environment will be created due to the pond of the Upazila Parishad. There will be adequate space around the scheduled place of Masjid. Islamic kindergarten garden can be established. And if Madel mosque is not there There will be no shortage of Muktadir when discussing religious religion. The demand of the people of the people has been submitted by the Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to prepare the construction of the mosque at the adjacent central Eidgah ground, according to the proposal filed by Upazila Nirbahi Officer Debiganj, Mr. Pratyoy Hassan.


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