Low quality 52 food items: 7 licenses canceled


Staff Report: BSTI has canceled the licenses of seven production companies of 52 food items identified as low quality products. Besides, the approval for the production of 18 products has been postponed, a BSTI press release said on Wednesday. Alsafi drinking water, Shahri and Brothers, Morne du Pure drinking water in the drinking water on the list of canceled companies; Among the soft drinks, Shanta Food Products, Jahangir Food Products and Ghani have Banalata suites and bakery. Licensed products include City Oil Mill-Gazipur (arrow), Green Bin Singh Vegetable Oil-Narayanganj (GB), Shabnam Vegetable Oil-Narayanganj (Nutrition), Bangladesh Edible Oil-Narayanganj (Rupchandha); Among the sweet water, Arra Food and Beverage (Arra), Duncan Products (Duncan), Dighi Drinking Water (Dighi); Pran Agro Limited’s life brand Lachcha Semai; Danish, life and fries in the cranberry juice. Powder and soul; Among the iodized salt, ACI and Mullah Salt; Acai Pure in coriander, New Zealand Dairy Doodles in the noodles and the Kasam Food Sun brand among the chips. Prior to receiving license again, these instructions have been ordered to stop the production, supply or even retail sale of these products. It has been instructed to stop the sale of these goods within 48 hours of the publication of the notification, as well as to stop its promotion and promotion. BSTI’s press release said that samples of 406 samples were collected during the campaign before the start of fasting. 52 of these products are labeled as low quality in laboratory examination. Recently, there was a notice to show the reason for such marketing companies. Deputy Director of BSTI Certification Marks Division Riazul Haque said action was taken against those organizations after the reply to the notice was not completed even after the reply was given.


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